As a business, achieving accurate results in your reconciliation plays a critical role. These results will help you keep a check on the financial health of your business which will help in taking crucial decisions. As a CFO, CTO or controller, moving from a manual process to automation may seem intimidating at first, but with the help of our experts and our innovative software, the transformation can be seamless. 

By adding automation to your reconciliation process you will be able to achieve the business goals and add efficiencies to your business.

While you begin the journey of automating by using Cointab reconciliation you will enable the team to focus on the decision-making.


While shifting from manual to automated you will be able to follow a standardization which will in turn reduce your dependency on the manual effort needed.

With the current situation where retaining employees can be difficult, you are not dependent on the team for mundane tasks.

Macro and Micro Views 

As you are free from the manual effort and the accuracy that will be delivered will help you with strategies considering the micro view of the business from every department, every level as well as help you join the pieces and present the macro view of the business.

This visibility of the macro and micro overview can help you and the team analyse the gaps and how to handle them.

Pre-Set Business Rules 

Moving from manual to automation will fasten up all the processes as the manual effort of data preparation is taken care of by our software. Even the most complicated implementation which would have not been possible manually can be done easily using the Cointab Reconciliation.

Easy Set-Up

With our experts and our most futuristic technology setting up the automation process will not take more than a week. Of course, if the complexity of the process is higher, it can take more than 3 weeks. 

But once the set-up is done, your journey to easy, accurate and efficient reconciliation will boost the growth of your business. 

With Cointab Reconciliation you can easily replace time-consuming, manual processes the technology that promises a powerful tool that can impact not only the CFOs but all the key decision-makers.


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