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Our reconciliation software is transforming the reconciliation processes across industries such as e-Commerce, Gaming, BFSI, Travel, D2C, EdTech, Fintech, OTT, Food Commerce, Restaurants, etc.

As an E-commerce business keeping track of all receivables from payment gateways, cash-on-delivery partners and marketplaces, as well as all the deductions done by them across various cost heads, can help you make better data-driven decisions. 

Our software can easily help verify if you are receiving money for all the delivered orders, if you are receiving inventory back for RTO and customer-returned orders and if all the fees levied by your partners are correct. Seamlessly process complicated reports with the help of our innovative software.


Businesses in the food commerce industry who prefer selling via Zomato, Swiggy, or simply in their own store, they can use our software and verify their Swiggy, Zomato, or Instore Partner order and settlements reports with the POS report to help verify if you have received the money for all the delivered orders. It also helps verify all the charges right from the commission, packing, delivery, cancellation, etc.

The software simplifies the process, saving business time and making them aware of all the gaps which can help them take better decisions for growing their business. Whether you are a small business or a chain of restaurants our software can scale as per your requirement.

In the gaming industry the volume of transitions is humongous and verifying all the deposits and withdrawals can make or break the bottom line. 

Owing to that, the internal data and payment gateway as well as payout gateway reports and bank statements need to be reconciled. Using our software you can verify if you are receiving payments for all deposits, if correct withdrawals are taking place, if all the fee charges by partners on each transaction are correct, etc.

With our real-time reconciliation and daily reconciliation, you can get a holistic view of financial health.

As an Edtech business, it is crucial to provide various payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, UPI, EMI, loans, etc. to consumers to enable them to make payments easily. But the more partners, the more complications and time-consuming it can be to verify whether all the payments are received in the bank, whether all the payments received are reconciled with partner reports, and whether all the fees charged are accurate. 

Using our software, you can efficiently verify if the internal data matches partner/external data and accurately see any gaps. It helps in making data-driven for other aspects of the business. The accuracy and the versatility it provides can save you time which is very crucial for the growth of every business.

Being a D2C brand is very challenging as you have to manage the process from manufacturing, inventory management, sales, shipping, and customer management. 

Considering the sales aspect of the business, customers need the flexibility of payment, for which a business has to add multiple payment options, and for boosting sales the business has to offer discounts.

But keeping a check of the transactions from sales to payment received accurately in the bank account, whether the discounts offered are applied correctly and whether all the charges from the partners are accurate,  is very important for the bottom line.

Automate your reconciliation and achieve accuracy for taking better data-driven decisions.  

Being a travel portal the volume of the transaction is massive, and reconciling the payment for every ticket booked, canceled, or discount coupon applied can be challenging.

 Our software’s unique capacity to clean data, merge and compare data between multiple reports helps in achieving accurate reconciliation results to verify if you are receiving payments correctly from payment partners or if the fees levied by the partners are accurate.

 Achieving financial fitness can help in the long run for the business to scale easily.

As an OTT streaming service company where the payments are received on a monthly subscription model and various plans are offered along with offers, keeping track of all the payments received from the customers, refunds for cancellations, and all the discounts applied can be very complicated. 

All these internal, as well as external reconciliations, can be managed easily using our software. 

By configuring all the parameters essential for your business, you can generate various forms of reports, which can help you in making decisions for the growth of your business. Using our cutting-edge technology can help in boosting your bottom line.

Being in a fashion business whether it is an online store, offline store, or both it is critical to track every item purchased, the subsequent payment, and the settlement. With the help of our innovative software, you can manage, track and see the entire life cycle of the transaction. 

Our software can help you take a holistic view of your finances, from a micro view of managing exceptions, to a macro view of all the payments received.

Automate your reconciliation and seamlessly upgrade to the newer way of managing the finances for accurate and efficient results.

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