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Unlock Effortless Reconciliation Across Industries with Our Innovative Software Solution

Transforming Reconciliation across Industries

Experience a transformative software solution designed to elevate the efficiency and accuracy of your reconciliation processes while saving countless man-hours. Explore how we can elevate your business today!




Our reconciliation software revolutionizes reconciliation processes across diverse industries such as e-Commerce, Gaming, BFSI, Travel, D2C, EdTech, Fintech, OTT, Food Commerce, Restaurants, and more.

As an E-commerce business, staying on top of receivables from payment gateways, cash-on-delivery partners, and marketplaces, along with deductions across different cost categories, is vital for making informed decisions.

Our software simplifies this task by verifying payment receipts for delivered orders, tracking inventory returns for RTO and customer-returned orders, and ensuring the accuracy of fees charged by your partners. Seamlessly manage complex reports with our innovative software solution.

For food commerce businesses utilizing platforms like Zomato, Swiggy, or operating their own storefronts, our software offers a comprehensive solution. It allows you to effortlessly verify order and settlement reports from Swiggy, Zomato, or Instore Partner against your POS reports. This ensures accurate tracking of received payments for all fulfilled orders, along with verifying various charges such as commissions, packaging, delivery, and cancellations.

Our software simplifies this entire process, saving valuable business time and providing insights into potential discrepancies. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions for growth. Whether you’re a small independent eatery or a large restaurant chain, our software is designed to scale according to your specific requirements.

In the gaming industry the volume of transitions is humongous and verifying all the deposits and withdrawals can make or break the bottom line. 

Owing to that, the internal data and payment gateway as well as payout gateway reports and bank statements need to be reconciled. Using our software you can verify if you are receiving payments for all deposits, if correct withdrawals are taking place, if all the fee charges by partners on each transaction are correct, etc.

With our real-time reconciliation and daily reconciliation, you can get a holistic view of financial health.

In the Ed-Tech industry, offering diverse payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, EMI, and loans is essential for consumer convenience. However, managing multiple partners can lead to complications in verifying payments received in the bank, reconciling partner reports, and ensuring accurate fee charges.

Our software efficiently verifies internal data against partner/external data, identifying any discrepancies accurately. This enables data-driven decision-making across all aspects of your business. With its accuracy and versatility, our software saves you valuable time, critical for the growth of your business. Experience streamlined operations and accelerated growth with our solution today.

Managing a (D2C) brand entails overseeing a multitude of processes, from manufacturing and inventory management to sales, shipping, and customer relations.

In the realm of sales, offering customers payment flexibility necessitates integrating multiple payment options. Additionally, to drive sales, businesses often provide discounts. However, ensuring accurate tracking of transactions from sales to payment receipt in the bank account, validating the correct application of discounts, and verifying partner charges are crucial for maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Automate your reconciliation processes to achieve accuracy, enabling data-driven decision-making for sustained growth and success.

As a travel portal, managing the sheer volume of transactions, including ticket bookings, cancellations, and discount coupon applications, presents a significant challenge.

Our software’s unique ability to clean, merge, and compare data across multiple reports is instrumental in achieving accurate reconciliation results. This enables thorough verification of payment receipts from partners and ensures the precision of partner fees.

Attaining financial stability is crucial for sustained business growth, and our software provides the essential tools to streamline reconciliation processes and achieve long-term scalability with ease.

Operating as an OTT streaming service company involves managing payments on a monthly subscription model, offering various plans, discounts, and handling refunds for cancellations. This complexity in tracking payments, discounts, and refunds can be daunting.

Our software simplifies both internal and external reconciliations, enabling easy management of all payment-related processes. By configuring essential parameters specific to your business, you can generate various reports to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Utilizing our cutting-edge technology streamlines operations and enhances your bottom line, positioning your company for success in the competitive OTT streaming market.

In the fashion industry, whether you run an online store, offline store, or both, meticulous tracking of every purchase, payment, and settlement is paramount. With our innovative software, you can effortlessly manage, track, and monitor the entire transaction lifecycle.

Our software offers a comprehensive view of your finances, enabling you to handle exceptions at a micro level while gaining insights into all received payments at a macro level.

Automate your reconciliation processes and seamlessly transition to a modern financial management approach for precise and efficient results.

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