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It helps you reconcile your data and transactions between multiple data points, and verify all the payments, fees and settlements with any partner.


Any type of data can be reconciled.

The software cannot be downloaded to the desktop since it is a web-based software and is used on browsers.

The software is web-based and can be used on any browser from any computer or mobile device.

Cointab provides the users with a username and password along with an OTP to access the software.

Yes, multiple teams across the organization can access the software with access control.

It depends upon the number of reconciliation processes required. Usually, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks to build reconciliation workflows for 4-5 processes. 

Yes, we provide industry-leading support with the help of our technical experts, data analysts, and project managers. 

Data can be loaded automatically via Emails, APIs, SFTPs, etc. You can also manually upload if required.

The reconciliation process is configured according to your data structure and the software itself cleans your data hence there is no need to edit data before uploading.

All file types are supported for upload and download like XLSX, PDF, CSV, XML, TXT, JSON, etc.

There is no limit on the data that can be uploaded. Our systems are scalable to process millions of records.

The data is stored in 100% safe and secure facilities which are audited on a regular basis.

Reconciliation time depends upon complexity, number of reports and volume. Our systems are scalable to process millions of records in a matter of a few hours.

Yes, we can automate the data load and schedule the reconciliation at any frequency such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

The software will automatically identify duplicates and will retain only one copy of the data.

To resolve unreconciled transactions, you can resolve the issues in the source data and reupload the same or upload adjustment data or manually close transactions with proper audit trails. 

Yes, any changes in your business logic can be incorporated easily.

We provide an extensive and user-friendly dashboard where you can see the reconciliation summary as well as transactional level data.

Based on your business rules, the software classifies data as reconciled and unreconciled. You can analyze and take suitable actions on unreconciled data.

Yes, the reconciliation output can be customized as per an organization’s format.

Yes, we can create custom rate cards for each partner for validation. It can be changed as and when required.

You can delete any data at any time. Using our advanced filters you can select specific data for deletion.   

Yes, the data can be exported as and when required and in any format (XLSX, CSV, PDF, XML, TXT, etc.).

Yes, we can export the results to other softwares using APIs, SFTPs, Emails, etc. 

Yes, the reconciliation summary and transaction level reconciled and unreconciled data can be emailed in Excel files to the relevant team at a required frequency.

Order-wise overcharging details are available for all fee types which can be downloaded in Excel and shared with partners for raising disputes. 

The cost of using the software depends on the number of processes, partners and volume of the transactions of the business. Contact us to know the pricing details for your business.

Contact us and our experts will schedule a demo for you.

Yes, it can be cancelled whenever required.

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