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Cointab facilitates the reconciliation of your data and transactions across multiple data points, ensuring accurate verification of all payments, fees, and settlements with any partner.

Cointab enables reconciliation for any type of data, providing versatile compatibility across various data formats.

The software is designed to reconcile any business processes offering comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

As a web-based software, Cointab cannot be downloaded to desktops; instead, it is accessed directly through web browsers for convenient and efficient use.

The software is web-based, accessible from any computer or mobile device through any browser, providing users with flexibility and convenience in accessing their reconciliation tools.

Users are provided with a username and password for accessing Cointab, along with an OTP for enhanced security measures, ensuring secure and authenticated access to the software. 

Yes, Cointab offers access control features, allowing multiple teams within the organization to securely access the software. Each team is assigned specific permissions and restrictions based on their roles and responsibilities, ensuring data security and integrity.

The timeline for building reconciliation workflows depends on the number of processes required. Typically, it takes around 2-3 weeks to develop workflows for 4-5 reconciliation processes.

Absolutely, we’re committed to delivering unparalleled support backed by our team of technical experts, data analysts, and project managers. With their expertise, we ensure that you receive top-notch assistance every step of the way, guaranteeing a smooth and effective experience with our software.

Easily load your data with Cointab using automated methods such as emails, APIs, and SFTPs and more. Additionally, manual uploads are available for added flexibility whenever necessary.

Cointab streamlines the reconciliation process by configuring it to match your data structure. Our software is equipped to clean your data automatically, eliminating the need for any pre-editing before uploading.

Cointab offers versatile support for file types, including XLSX, PDF, CSV, XML, TXT, JSON, and more, for both upload and download operations, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of data formats.

There are no restrictions on the amount of data you can upload with Cointab. Our systems are scalable and capable of processing millions of records, ensuring efficiency and reliability even with large datasets.

Rest assured, your data is stored in 100% safe and secure facilities, which undergo regular audits to ensure compliance with stringent security standards.

The reconciliation time varies depending on factors such as complexity, the number of reports, and volume. However, rest assured that our scalable systems can process millions of records within a matter of hours, ensuring efficient and timely reconciliation regardless of the data size.

Absolutely, we provide the flexibility to automate data loads and schedule reconciliations at your preferred frequency, whether it’s hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or at custom intervals.

Our software seamlessly identifies duplicates, automatically retaining only one copy of the data. This feature ensures efficiency and accuracy in your reconciliation processes.

To address unreconciled transactions, Cointab offers several options. You can rectify issues in the source data and reupload it, upload adjustment data, or manually close transactions, all while maintaining detailed audit trails for transparency and accountability.

Yes, Cointab makes it simple to incorporate any changes in your business logic. With our intuitive platform, updating and adapting your business logic is a straightforward process, ensuring smooth operation of your reconciliation procedures.

We provide an extensive and user-friendly dashboard where you can see the reconciliation summary as well as transactional level data.

Our software automatically classifies data as reconciled or unreconciled based on your business rules. You can then analyze and take appropriate actions on any unreconciled data, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in your reconciliation processes.




Yes, the reconciliation output can be tailored to match an organization’s specific format and requirements, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility.

Indeed, we have the capability to generate custom rate cards tailored as per each partner for validation purposes. These rate cards can be modified as needed, offering flexibility to adapt to changing requirements over time.

You have the ability to delete any data at your discretion. With our advanced filters, you can precisely select specific data for deletion, offering efficient data management tailored to your needs.

Yes, you have the flexibility to export data whenever needed and in multiple formats such as XLSX, CSV, PDF, XML, TXT, and others, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Absolutely, we can export the results to other softwares using APIs, SFTPs, and emails, enabling seamless transfer of results to other software platforms as needed.

Certainly, the reconciliation summary along with transaction-level reconciled and unreconciled data can be automatically emailed as Excel files to the relevant team at the specified frequency, ensuring timely access and efficient management of the data.

Order-specific overcharging details for all fee types are conveniently downloadable in Excel format, enabling partners to raise disputes efficiently and effectively.

The cost of using the software is determined by factors such as the number of processes, partners, and transaction volume of your business. Get in touch with us to learn more about pricing details tailored to your specific needs.

Please fill out the “Contact Us” form, and our team of experts will promptly schedule a demo tailored to your needs.

Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel the subscription whenever necessary.

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