Travel Industry

An automated solution to keep accurate track of all transactions


As the team is freed from the manual work of reconciliation, they can focus on analyzing results and taking actions

Reduce Man hours

Reconciling using Excel requires complicated formulas and takes a lot of time when done manually. The software on the other hand uses automation to reconcile and thus the time taken is very less

Recover overcharges

By verifying Payment Gateway charges on every transaction, any overcharging is brought to notice to help with recovery

Maintain accurate books

Maintain accurate accounts of all transactions to ensure proper compliance and take data-driven decisions

Travel Industry processes covered

Reconciliation with Payment Gateway

Reconcile all payments received from your payment gateway partners automatically and verify the accuracy of the payments received

Reconciliation with service partner

You can reconcile all your transactions with your service partner easily and automatically, enabling you to keep an accurate track of every transaction and verify all payments, bookings, cancelations and observe any kind of error immediately.

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Fondy is a one-stop shop cross-border payment platform for e-commerce and is a leading one-stop payment solution, for cross-border commerce, marketplaces, and platforms that enable

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Revolut is a global neo-bank and financial technology company that offers banking services, including a payment gateway. One of the significant advantages of Revolut’s payment

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