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Technology is the backbone of our organization and we believe in solving business problems with our evolving solutions.

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To empower people and Businesses with Technology

Values we live by


We are passionate about creating better technology to solve problems and positively impact people and businesses around us.


We belive in being empathetic to our people and customers and work together with mutual respect. It also helps us become a responsible corporation and better at our work.


We believe in creating a positive work culture for our people where they feel seen, heard, valued, and empowered. This helps in fostering their creativity and responsibility.

Our Product

Reconciliation Software

Our reconciliation software can be used for easily reconciling transactions across websites, marketplaces such as Amazon/Ebay, food aggregators such as UberEats/DoorDash, ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics/SAP, bank statements, etc.

Our Team

Vinit Maniar

Co-founder & CEO

Gaurav Bansal


Arul Sundarraj

& VP-Engineering


Growing team of 30+ people

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What's going on at Cointab?

Reconciliation of Pickrr Courier Shipping Partner

Once an e-commerce company has finally set up their site to sell products, the next step is to deliver those products to the customers who’ve made purchases. However, with so many sales being conducted on a daily basis in this business sector, it becomes increasingly challenging for companies to adequately

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Reconciliation Of Chase Payment Gateway Fee

Chase is an electronic payment gateway in the US that processes payments for businesses that accept debit, credit or gift cards from their customers. They reduce payment fraud and manage chargebacks. You may rely on Cointab Reconciliation to help you keep track of the fees imposed by Chase and other

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Reconciliation Of Flipkart Fee

As a business, the biggest goal is to constantly grow. This helps earn better profits too. However, even if you are situated in a prime spot in a busy market or are well-known, your reach will be limited. This is where selling online helps. Where, either you can sell on

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Reconciliation Of Canada Post Shipping Invoice

Canada Post is a domestic and international express delivery service in Canada. It is a trusted courier partner that provides innovative physical and electronic delivery solutions, creating value for their customers, employees and all Canadians. Managing millions of shipments per day can be challenging when it comes to accurately tracking

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Reconciliation Of Tata Cliq Marketplace Using Order Management Data

This Reconciliation Process is done using the client’s OMS Database Data from Tata Cliq and cliental OMS data can differ greatly. because there are discrepancies between the two reports. We calculate all the data from payments to charges and refunds, check it against the Tata Cliq Reports, and display the

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