Reconciliation that helps businesses

Our software helps you reconcile your data effectively and make data-driven decisions.

Reconciliation that helps businesses

Our software helps you reconcile your data effectively and make data-driven decisions.

Reconciliation Processes

Build workflow for any and all reconciliation processes to reconcile data across the website, payment gateway, cash on delivery, bank, ERP, marketplaces, etc.

Transforming Reconciliation with our technology

Time Saver

Automate Data Load

Data collection is the most crucial and time-consuming part of reconciliation.

Automate this process by loading data via Emails, SFTPs, and APIs. You can also manually upload files if required.

Multiple input formats i.e. XLSX, CSV, TXT, PDF, JSON, XML, etc. are supported.

experience the new way to RECONCILE

A complicated process made easy!

Custom input format

Define your own data format and available columns for each report

VLOOKUP conditions

Add VLOOKUP and JOINING conditions between reports. Complicated either-or and conditional VLOOKUPS and JOINS are fully possible

Master data management

Manage master data for SKUs, stores, rate cards, etc. with ease

Rules engine

Define business rules to calculate and classify data as reconciled or unreconciled

Schedule reconciliation

Put the reconciliation process on auto-pilot by scheduling it to run in real-time, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Universal dashboard

View the reconciliation summary on the dashboard and delve through for further analysis.

Exception management

Take action on unreconciled data by analyzing them and sharing with the relevant teams. 

Export result

Export the reconciliation summary and data whenever required. 

Seamless and Easy

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We help you automate the entire reconciliation process from automating data load to adding business logic to process and classify data thereby saving significant time and ensuring accurate results day after day. With our software doing your reconciliation, you can focus more on analysis.

Experience the Ease of Reconciliation

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Data can be loaded automatically via Emails, APIs, SFTPs, etc. You can also manually upload if required.

The reconciliation process is configured according to your data structure and the software itself cleans your data hence there is no need to edit data before uploading.

Based on your business rules, the software classifies data as reconciled and unreconciled. You can analyze and take suitable actions on unreconciled data.

Reconciliation time depends upon complexity, number of reports and volume. Our systems are scalable to process millions of records in a matter of a few hours.

The data is stored in 100% safe and secure facilities which are audited on a regular basis.

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