Opportunities with us

Project Manager

Closely work with clients and our team of engineers and analysts to make our product and processes better  

Data Analysts

Help clients analyze data using our software and take data driven decisions

Marketing Associate

Get a chance to market one of the technology of the future

Finance Associate

Manage the finances for our business 

Sales Associate

Sell the latest technology to some of the biggest organizations in the world

Software Engineer

Design and develop technology for our current product and future technology 

Human Resources

Join us in making the dream team for every department 

Associate MySQL Database Administrator

 Optimizes databases to maintain seamless functionality

Associate Infrastructure Engineer

Ensure continuous, reliable operation of software systems/servers. 

Associate Quality Assurance Engineer

Uphold a high product grade for consistent maintenance of a high-quality product.

Values That Shape Us


At Cointab we believe that people matter and this is strengthened by creating high-quality work-life balance and taking joy in the work we do.


Our team growing and we envision to be serving globally.


Our team experiences the best career growth opportunities and learning constantly.

Can’t find the role you are looking for?

Email us at: work@cointab.in