Selling products on Amazon’s marketplace can be a lucrative way to reach a large audience of potential customers. However, it’s important to understand the various charges associated with selling on Amazon before you get started.

Amazon charges many types of fees to sellers: shipping fees, referral fees, closing fees, pick and pack fees, technology fees, and fulfillment fees. Fees are generally charged as per the rate cards provided by Amazon for every fee, a different percentage/rate of the sale price is charged for each item sold on its platform.

An example of Amazon’s shipping fee rate card is below for reference:
It’s important to carefully consider these fees and factor them into your pricing strategy before selling on Amazon. While the fees can seem steep, the potential benefits of reaching Amazon’s massive customer base may outweigh the costs.

Cointab Reconciliation introduces you to a brand new way to use data driven decisions to consider the optimal way to sell on Amazon.

How it works?

Cointab reconciliation helps businesses decide the optimal price point to generate the best marginal profit.

The way it works is a business has to input a report containing the SKU details of each item, its MRP, purchasing cost, and any additional costs.

An example of the SKU report:
The software then calculates every Amazon fee charged for every selling price betweent the cost and MRP and displays the outcomes. Showing the profit/loss margin for every price point for each item.

The software displays the result as follows:

Pricing for SKU - A

Pricing for SKU - B

These results can also be downloaded in any format for further analysis.

How it Helps?

This way a business can analyze which price point for an item can generate how much profit. A business can then research or test various prices to see what price is best for their sales to maximize their net profits.

At times businesses tend to neglect or are unaware of certain charges from Amazon marketplace. This causes businesses to set a lower price point to increase sales but the ultimate output results in a marginal loss. Cointab reconciliation can help eliminate this problem as it calculates all the fees and miscellaneous charges to find the net marginal profit, and a business can then find the optimal price for the needed profit.

In conclusion, selling products on Amazon can be a great way to expand your business and reach a large audience. However, it’s important to carefully consider the fees associated with selling on Amazon before getting started. Cointab reconciliation offers a helpful tool for businesses to determine the optimum price point to generate the best marginal profit for their products. By analyzing the various fees charged by Amazon and testing different prices, businesses can maximize their net profits and make data-driven decisions for their sales strategy on the platform. With this, businesses can make informed decisions to ensure their success in Amazon’s marketplace.

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