GlowRoad is an App/ Site used by businesses that sell products through social networking sites. These businesses can directly connect with wholesalers and retailers of products they want to sell. They have to just download the app, select the profit margin and put up the referral code on any of their social networking sites. Then when customers purchase the products using their referral code, they get a profit according to the margin they selected. This way GlowRoad is growing as a fairly popular platform that is helpful to businesses. However, sometimes the order details do not match the GlowRoad report and the client’s ERP report. That’s why it is important to regularly carry out GlowRoad marketplace reconciliation with ERP. Otherwise, you might lose out on some orders and payments and end up bearing the loss.

To help you keep track of every order our automated reconciliation software can help you conduct GlowRoad Marketplace Reconciliation with ERP easily. The software then shows you which orders are correctly recorded and also if any payments received are less on any orders.

Reports Used for Reconciliation

GlowRoad All Order Report

The details on every order placed through GlowRoad are present in this report.

GlowRoad Sales Report

It contains the information on orders fulfilled, cancelled or returned and also the invoice amount collected from customers.

GlowRoad Settlement Report

In this report, the fee, taxes etc are noted along with the final settlement amount

GlowRoad Returns Report

The details on every returned order, the returned payments and inventory are recorded.

Reports from the client’s ERP System (e.g., SAP, Tally, etc.)

All the order details recorded by your ERP system is present in this report

GlowRoad Marketplace Reconciliation with ERP Result

GlowRoad with ERP Reconciliation

The software reconciles the GlowRoad reports with the client’s ERP report to check if there are any discrepancies. The software then displays the results and shows if any orders do not match and if so, how much amount is overpaid or underpaid on these orders. This way you use forward reconciliation with GlowRoad and ERP to track orders and payments easily.

GlowRoad with ERP reconciliation

Found and Reconciled with ERP Report

The net sales in the GlowRoad Sales report match the net sales in the ERP report. So, these orders are correctly paid.

Less Amount Recorded in ERP Report

On these orders, the net sales recorded in the GlowRoad sales report is more than the net sales recorded in your ERP report.

More Amount Recorded in ERP Report

These are the orders on which the net sales recorded in the GlowRoad report are lesser than the net sales recorded in your ERP report.

ERP with GlowRoad Reconciliation

The software compares the client’s ERP report against the GlowRoad report to check if any payments are underpaid or overpaid on any orders. The software shows you exactly which orders would not be fulfilled. This backward reconciliation is done to double-check the net sales and the payments made in turn.

Erp with GlowRoad Reconciliation

Found in GlowRoad Summary

These are the orders which match in the ERP report and in the GlowRoad Report.

Not Found in GlowRoad Summary

The orders shown here are only seen recorded in your ERP Report but not in the GlowRoad report. It means that the payments on these orders still haven’t been made.

As given in the above results so can see the software carries out the GlowRoad marketplace reconciliation with ERP easily and displays exactly how much amount of net sales is overpaid or underpaid. It completely automates the reconciliation process and does forward and backward reconciliation so that you can double-check the sales made. This way you can avoid a loss and claim the amount you are due to form GlowRoad

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