Optimizing iThink COD with Cointab’s Automated Software

Optimizing iThink COD with Cointab’s Automated Software


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, efficient shipping is crucial. iThink emerges as a reliable partner, offering solutions to streamline your shipment processes. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, iThink caters to your needs, ensuring a smoother and more efficient shipping experience.

Verifying Cash on Delivery (COD) payments for iThink shipments can be a tedious and error-prone process. Manually comparing data from multiple sources – weight, zone, rate, and courier reports – is time-consuming and may lead to discrepancies. This can lead to overcharges, and undercharges, ultimately becoming a big obstacle.

Introducing Cointab: Your Solution for Streamlined iThink COD Verification.

Cointab automates the entire iThink COD verification process, saving you valuable time and resources. Our software analyzes each element impacting your final COD amount, ensuring complete transparency and accuracy, in your iThink COD billing, while identifying and eliminating potential overcharges for optimized costs and focusing on strategic financial tasks with complete confidence in the accuracy of your data. With Cointab, you can finally say goodbye to manual verification and embrace a smoother, more efficient way to manage your iThink COD transactions.


Essential Reports for Verification:

  1. Order Management System (OMS) Report: This report serves as a comprehensive record of payments collected, including the payment type and corresponding order ID. It provides a clear picture of the expected COD amounts for each order.
  2. COD Remittance Report: This report details the COD payments collected by iThink and their respective order IDs. It reflects the actual amount collected by iThink for each order

Automated Verification Process:

Software like Cointab streamlines verification by comparing the OMS report with the COD remittance report. This comparison yields the following results:

  • Reconciled with COD Partners: Orders falling under this category represent a perfect match. The COD amount collected by iThink (as documented in the COD remittance report) aligns precisely with the expected amount detailed in the OMS report.
  • Less Payment Received from COD Partners: Discrepancies are identified in this category. The amount collected by iThink falls short of the anticipated amount documented in the OMS report. Potential reasons for this discrepancy could include change return errors or partial payments by customers.
  • More Payment Received from COD Partners: Here, the collected amount surpasses the expected amount. This could be due to pricing discrepancies reflected on the customer’s end or customer miscalculations during payment.
  • No Payment Received from COD Partners: Orders under this category indicate a missing payment or an invoice not generated. These orders are typically absent from the COD remittance report and require further investigation.

By automating this verification process, software solutions like Cointab eliminate the risk of human error and significantly reduce processing time. Additionally, the insights gained from the verification process empower businesses to identify potential discrepancies and optimize their COD billing procedures.

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Effortless Verification, Seamless Settlements:

Cointab automates the verification of COD payments collected by iThink. Beyond verifying the collected amount, our software meticulously analyzes the corresponding UTR. This dual verification process provides a clear and comprehensive picture of your COD transactions:

  1. Matched UTRs: These transactions represent successful settlements in your bank statement. The presence of a valid UTR confirms a smooth and complete collection and settlement process.
  2. Unidentified UTRs: These transactions might not have been settled yet or have missing UTR information. Cointab flags these transactions, empowering your finance team to prioritize reconciliation efforts and ensure timely settlements.

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