Cointab: Streamlining JioMart Marketplace Fee Reconciliation

 Cointab: Streamlining JioMart Marketplace Fee Reconciliation


The e-commerce boom has revolutionized shopping, making online marketplaces commonplace for both buyers and sellers. These platforms provide a convenient space for transactions and communication. JioMart, a leading online retailer known for its affordable prices, extensive deals, and high-quality products across apparel and groceries, is a prime example. Businesses can leverage JioMart to unlock significant growth by expanding their reach beyond their physical limitations, a feat impossible without e-commerce. Jiomart goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction through a variety of services.

Jiomart charges sellers fees for the services and benefits it provides, such as product listing and order fulfillment. However, ensuring accurate and fair fee assessments can be a significant challenge for sellers. Reconciling Jiomart fees traditionally involves a time-consuming and error-prone process of manually processing reports, cleaning data, and performing analyses.

Cointab’s automated reconciliation software simplifies this crucial task by automating data upload, cleaning and analysis. 

With a single click, you can upload your reports and initiate reconciliation. Cointab then handles everything, highlighting any discrepancies between your records and Jiomart’s reports in clear and comprehensive reports. This allows you to easily review the findings, identify any internal errors on your end, and address any discrepancies with Jiomart.

The fees charged by JioMart

  1. Commission Fee:
  • This fee is calculated as a percentage of the item’s selling price.
  • The specific percentage varies depending on the product category and brand.
  • Jiomart likely provides a rate card outlining the commission fees for different categories and brands.
  1. Fixed Fee:
  • This is a flat fee charged by Jiomart regardless of the item’s selling price.
  • The exact amount of the fixed fee may be determined by a rate card based on price ranges or specific categories.

Key reports required

  • Rate Cards:  These documents outline the commission rates and fixed fees charged by Jiomart based on product categories and brands. They help you understand what fees you’ll be charged per sale.
  • JioMart Service Invoice Report:  This report details the service fees you’ve been charged by Jiomart, including listing fees, order fulfillment costs, and potentially marketing fees (if applicable). It ensures you have a clear record of what you’ve been billed for.
  • JioMart Disbursement Report: This report summarizes the payouts you’ve received from Jiomart after deducting applicable fees from your sales. Comparing this to your sales data helps identify any discrepancies in fee calculations.

Fee Verification

Cointab simplifies Jiomart fee verification for sellers. Our system automatically calculates commission fees based on the predefined rate (e.g., 40%) and the individual item price for each product you sell. Cointab then compares these calculated fees against the fees actually charged by Jiomart. Presented in a clear and concise format, the results allow you to easily identify any discrepancies between the two.

The results are as follows

  1. Total Charged: This line item displays the sum of all fees charged by Jiomart, encompassing both fixed and commission fees.
  2. Correctly Charged Fee: This section highlights orders where the fees calculated by Cointab match exactly with the fees charged by Jiomart, indicating accurate assessments.
  3. Overcharged Fee: This section identifies any discrepancies where Jiomart charged more than the calculated fee. It displays the total number of overcharged orders and the total overcharged amount. This allows you to quickly identify potential billing errors in your favor.
  4. Undercharged Fee: This section identifies discrepancies where Jiomart charged less than the calculated fee. It displays the total number of undercharged orders and the total undercharged amount. This helps you ensure you’re not missing out on any revenue due to undercharged fees.

Maximize profitability with Cointab

Cointab offers a powerful solution to simplify your Jiomart fee reconciliation. Our automated system eliminates manual calculations, compares fees against Jiomart’s rates, and presents a clear breakdown of your charges. This empowers you to identify potential overcharges, ensure you’re not undercharged, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your Jiomart finances.

Free up your valuable time and focus on growing your thriving JioMart business.  Gain peace of mind knowing your Jiomart fee assessments are accurate.

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