Myntra charges pick and pack fees to the sellers using the FBM shipping category. It is not refundable for return orders in the Reversal PG Settlement Report. The charges are based on the level and this is based on the rate card provided by Myntra.

The Rate Card is as follows
Making sure you’re charging and accounting for Pick and Pack fees on your e-commerce store can be a time-consuming headache. With the help of Cointab, you can rely on a platform that will automatically filter through your orders to find the correct fees based on the rate provided by Myntra’s rate card – so you won’t have to verify each listed fee manually! Cointab has a rate card of its own set up based on the rate card from Myntra.
An example of Cointab’s rate card is as follows:

Each order entered into the system is allocated according to the rate card and then calculated in an easy-to-read output given for each order.

It displays the Pick and Pack Fee charged by Myntra in their reports. It then Calculates the Pick and Pack Fee based on its rate cards and then differentiates the calculated fee and reported fee and also displays the difference. Thus, making it easier for sellers to analyze the data and take necessary actions to resolve any disputes.

The result is displayed as follows:
It Displays:
  • Total Pick and Pack Fee
    • This is the Amount given by Myntra as the Pick and Pack fee.
  • Correctly Charged Pick and Pack Fee
    • If the Myntra Pick and Pack fee are equal to our calculated fee, then it’s the Correct Pick and Pack fee charged.
  • Overcharged Shipping Fee
    • If the Myntra Pick and Pack fee are higher than our calculated fee, then it is an Overcharged Shipping fee.
  • Under Charged Pick and Pack Fee
    • If Myntra Shipping fee is lower than our calculated fee, then it is an Under charged Pick and Pack fee.

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