Courier COD Amount Verification

Verify Cash on Delivery payments collected by courier partners from customers.

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Easily Reconcile COD payments with our Automated Reconciliation System

The result is easy to understand and analyze. Plus all the necessary information is kept in one place.

Custom reconciliation flows and tracking can be added as per the requirement.

Data can be loaded automatically and reconciliation scheduled, thereby eliminating manual efforts.

The result can be accessed anytime and anywhere according to your convenience.

Using our software for the lengthy reconciliation procedure helps save loads of time

Data is securely saved and treated confidentially. Results can be backed up on client servers and deleted from our systems.

Processes Associated with COD Amount Verification

COD Remittance Reconciliation
Bank Settlements Reconciliation

Reports Required For COD Amount Verification

For reconciling Cash-on-Delivery orders with COD remittance reports from courier partners, the following reports are required.

COD Amount Verification Result

Order Management System order, sale invoice & credit invoice reports are compared against COD remittance report to identify:

Reconciled orders where correct amount is collected from customers
Any order where either short or excess payment is collected from customers
Any order where payment is yet to be collected from customers with ageing

COD Remittance Reports with Bank Statement

Reconcile COD remittance with Bank statement.

Verify if all transactions are settled in bank account
Identify transactions yet to be settled
Verify consolidated settlement amount in bank statement at UTR level

Details about how to reconcile Cash-on-Delivery remittance reports of various courier partners.

Automated Reconciliation Software

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