Effortless Blue Dart Invoice Verification With Cointab

Effortless Blue Dart Invoice Verification With Cointab


Blue Dart, a leading express courier company in South Asia, offers businesses a reliable outsourcing solution for their delivery needs. By partnering with Blue Dart, companies can focus on their core competencies while ensuring efficient domestic and international deliveries for their customers. Blue Dart’s comprehensive services include shipment tracking, allowing for complete transparency throughout the delivery journey. This eliminates the need for companies to manage multiple courier partners, streamlining logistics and potentially reducing costs. However, it’s important to note that Blue Dart’s pricing structure considers factors like weight, delivery zone, and individual order rates. With potentially thousands of deliveries each month, verifying accurate billing can be a challenge.

This is where Cointab comes into the picture. By integrating with Blue Dart’s data, Cointab automates the process of analysing weight, zone, and rate calculations for each order. This comprehensive review ensures accurate billing and identifies any discrepancies, highlighting both overcharges and undercharges for the company’s easy review.

Streamline Blue Dart Invoice Verification with Essential Reports

Ensuring accurate billing for Blue Dart deliveries is crucial for businesses relying on their services. However, manually verifying charges across numerous invoices can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Here’s a breakdown of key reports that simplify Blue Dart invoice verification and enhance efficiency: 

Pin Zone Report:

This report serves as a comprehensive record of every delivery’s Pincode (postal code).  By highlighting Pincodes, the report allows for quick identification of delivery locations. This can be valuable for businesses analyzing regional distribution patterns or pinpointing potential discrepancies in zone-based charges.


SKU Report:

The SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) report meticulously details the weight and dimensions of each delivered item. This report plays a critical role in verifying weight-based charges on Blue Dart invoices. Businesses can leverage it to compare actual shipment details with those billed, ensuring accurate weight calculations are reflected in the final cost.


Rate Card:

The rate card acts as a reference point for charges applicable to Blue Dart services. It typically includes details such as service type, weight brackets, destination zones, and any relevant surcharges. Having a readily accessible rate card empowers businesses to proactively estimate delivery costs based on shipment specifics. During invoice verification, the rate card becomes an invaluable tool for cross-referencing charges and identifying any potential deviations from the established pricing structure.


Blue Dart Invoice:

The core document in the verification process, the Blue Dart invoice consolidates all shipment information relevant to billing. This includes weight, zone, applied rate for each shipment, and the final invoiced amount. A well-organized Blue Dart invoice facilitates a streamlined verification process. By presenting weight, zone, and rate details alongside the final charges, businesses can efficiently compare these elements against the SKU report and rate card, ensuring accurate calculations and highlighting any discrepancies.

Invoice Verification:

Cointab tackles Blue Dart invoice verification by dissecting the core components that influence the final bill.  They start by checking the weight, delivery zone, and applied rates for each shipment. This is crucial because any inaccuracies in these base figures can lead to significant discrepancies in the final invoice amount. By ensuring the weight is measured correctly, the shipment falls within the designated zone, and the appropriate rate is applied, Cointab lays the groundwork for accurate invoice verification.


Cointab employs a multi-step process to determine the precise weight for billing purposes, especially in cases where dimensional data might be missing. It starts by considering the gross weight as the expected weight if no dimensional details are available. However, when dimensions (length, width, and height) are provided, Cointab calculates the volumetric weight using the formula “length x width x height.” This volumetric weight is then divided by a specific divisor obtained from the Blue Dart rate card. Finally, Cointab arrives at the final weight by rounding off the result to the nearest weight slab as defined by Blue Dart’s pricing structure


  • The zone is found by the software by looking at the Pincode of the delivery location.
  • It is then distinguished locally, nationally, etc by giving A, B, and C as the categories.

Rate Card

Zone-based Pricing: Delivery zones significantly impact costs. Cointab verifies that each shipment is assigned the correct zone based on its destination Pincode (postal code).

Weight Verification: Accurate weight measurement is essential. Cointab ensures billed weights correspond precisely with actual shipment weights, eliminating discrepancies.

Service-Specific Rates: Blue Dart offers various service options (e.g., Forward delivery, RTO – Return To Origin). Cointab verifies that the appropriate rates are applied based on the chosen service for each shipment.


Forward Charges:


Fixed Rate: When the shipment weight falls within the “fwd_wt_fixed” limit specified in the rate card, a flat rate (“fwd_fixed”) applies.

Weight-Based Rate: If the weight surpasses the “fwd_wt_fixed” limit, Cointab calculates the charge by multiplying the excess weight by the “fwd” rate per unit weight.

Expected Forward Charge Formula: Expected_fwd_chg = fwd_fixed + (extra_weight) x fwd

RTO (Return To Origin) Charges:


Fixed Rate: Similar to Forward charges, a flat rate (“rto_fixed”) applies when the weight falls within the “rto_wt_fixed” limit.

Weight-Based Rate: For weights exceeding “rto_wt_fixed”, Cointab calculates the charge by multiplying the excess weight by the “rto” rate per unit weight.

Expected RTO Charge Formula: Expected_rto_chg = rto_fixed + (extra_weight) x rto

COD (Cash on Delivery) Charges:


Maximum Charge: Cointab identifies the higher amount between “cod_fixed” and “cod_rate” from the rate card and uses that as the expected COD charge.

GST (Goods and Services Tax):


Taxable Amount: Cointab calculates the sum of expected Forward charges, RTO charges, and COD charges.

GST Application: The applicable GST percentage is then levied on the total taxable amount.

Expected Final Amount:


Total Cost: Cointab adds the expected Forward charge, RTO charge, COD charge, and GST to arrive at the final expected invoice amount.


Cointab doesn’t simply calculate expected charges in isolation. It takes the verification process a step further. After calculating the expected Forward charge, RTO charge, COD charge, GST, and final amount, Cointab compares these figures against the corresponding amounts used by Blue Dart on the invoice.

Order Management System (OMS) Report:


Matching Orders: Cointab compares the number of items delivered as recorded in the company’s OMS report with the Blue Dart invoice. This comparison helps verify the weight used for billing by Blue Dart.

Found in Unicommerce: When both reports align (items and weight), verification is streamlined.

Not Found in Unicommerce: Discrepancies between reports warrant further investigation.

Pincode Master:


Zone Verification: Since Blue Dart charges are zone-dependent, Cointab checks the Pincodes (postal codes) listed on the invoice against the company’s Pincode master database. This ensures accurate zone categorization and corresponding fee application.

Found in Pincode Master: When Pincodes match, zone assignment and charges can be verified.

Not Found in Pincode Master: Unidentified Pincodes require further action to confirm the zone and associated fees.

Rate Card:


Rate Matching: Cointab compares the specific orders listed on the invoice with the company’s rate card. This ensures the applied rates for each order align with the agreed-upon pricing structure.

Found in Rate Card: Matched orders confirm the correct rates were applied.

Not Found in Rate Card: Missing orders from the rate card necessitate investigation to identify the appropriate rates.

Fee Verification using OMS – Blue Dart

Correct Charges:


When the order details (number of items) in both the company’s OMS report and the Blue Dart invoice match, along with zone, weight, and applied rate, Cointab confirms the charges are accurate.



Zone Match, Weight Match, Rate Mismatch: This occurs when the order details, zone, and weight align, but the applied rate deviates from the agreed-upon pricing structure. Cointab flags such discrepancies for further investigation.

Zone Mismatch, Weight Match (Either): In these scenarios, the zone assignment on the invoice is incorrect compared to the company’s records, even though the weight matches. This can lead to overcharging or undercharging, which Cointab identifies for review.



Zone Match, Weight Match, Rate Mismatch (Reversed Scenario): Similar to overcharges, this occurs when the applied rate is lower than expected, despite matching order details, zone, and weight. Cointab highlights these potential undercharges.

Zone Mismatch, Weight Match (Reversed Scenario): As with overcharges, incorrect zone assignment on the invoice can also lead to undercharging, which Cointab detects.

Weight Discrepancies:


Zone Match, Weight Mismatch (Either): When the zone assignment is correct but the weight used by Blue Dart differs from the company’s records, this can result in over or under-charges. Cointab flags these discrepancies for further investigation.

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Multiple Discrepancies:


Zone Mismatch, Weight Mismatch: If both zone and weight on the invoice are incorrect compared to the company’s data, Cointab identifies this as a potential for significant over or under-charges.

Invoice Verification using values given by Blue Dart

Correctly Charged: These orders represent instances where the weight, zone, and rate used by Blue Dart align with Cointab’s calculations, resulting in an accurate final amount.

Overcharged: Cointab identifies discrepancies where Blue Dart’s final charge exceeds the expected amount based on the provided weight, zone, and rate. These potential overcharges are highlighted for further investigation.

Undercharged: Conversely, Cointab detects situations where Blue Dart’s final charge falls below the expected amount based on the provided weight, zone, and rate. These potential undercharges are flagged for review.

Verification of All Charges

Total Orders:

Cointab compares the total number of orders listed on the Blue Dart invoice with the company’s OMS report, ensuring all deliveries are accounted for.

Forward Charge Breakdown:


  • Cointab considers the weight limits and corresponding rates defined in the rate card.
  • It calculates the expected forward charges for each order based on its weight and the applicable rate.
  • Finally, Cointab sums up the expected forward charges for all orders to arrive at the total expected amount.
COD Charge Breakdown:


  • Cointab factors in the “cod_fixed” and “cod_rate” options from the rate card.
  • It identifies the higher amount for each COD order based on the fixed rate or product price percentage.
  • The expected COD charges for all orders are then calculated and totaled.
RTO Charge Breakdown:


  • Similar to forward charges, Cointab considers weight limits and rates for RTO (Return To Origin) orders.
  • It calculates the expected RTO charge for each order based on its weight and the applicable rate.
  • The expected RTO charges for all orders are then summed up for comparison with the invoiced amount.

Cointab streamlines the often-complex process of Blue Dart invoice verification. By analyzing key data points, Cointab delivers a clear and actionable output. It highlights discrepancies in weight, zone, and rate application, allowing businesses to identify both overcharges and undercharges. This multi-level verification ensures all charges are accurate, from individual order details to overall invoice totals. In short, Cointab simplifies Blue Dart invoice verification, saving businesses time and money. So why not give Cointab a try and experience effortless fee verification for yourself?

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