Reconciliation is an important process for any business looking to grow. One of the most important attributes required to ease this process is flexibility. To obtain this a software must enable business owners to define their own rules engine.

A custom rules engine is a feature in a software that allows users to define their own set of rules and conditions for data reconciliation. This allows for greater flexibility and customization in the reconciliation process, as users can tailor the rules to their specific needs and requirements. The custom rules engine can be used to compare and match data from different sources, identify discrepancies and errors, and make automated or manual adjustments as needed. 

There are several advantages to using a software having the ability of a custom rules engine for data reconciliation:

  • Flexibility: It allows users to define their own rules and conditions, which means that they can tailor the reconciliation process to their specific needs and requirements.
  • Accuracy: By allowing users to define their own rules, it can help ensure that the reconciliation process is accurate and that any discrepancies are identified and corrected.
  • Automation: Users can automate the reconciliation process, which can save time and reduce the risk of human error.
  • Scalability: The software is designed to handle large amounts of data, making them suitable for use in large organizations or businesses.
  • Customizable report: Having a Custom rules engine, allows the possibility of generating customizable reports which can be used for the business analysis.

Cointab’s automated reconciliation software helps businesses reconcile with ease. This is made possible by the software offering various different features. One of which is the custom rules engine. This enables businesses to maintain flexibility in the reconciliation process and also customize their output formats for enhanced and easy analysis.

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