GlowRoad is a platform used by social network run business i.e., those businesses who sell products through social media. It connects you directly to wholesalers and retailers. To use GlowRoad you have to just download the app, select the product, set profit margin, get referral code and then you can send it across all your social media platforms. When someone purchases the products through your referral code you earn your profit. This way many social network sellers find GlowRoad very useful. A problem that occurs for social sellers is reconciliation. As there must be many transactions processed on a daily basis through GlowRoad, it might get hard to verify each order and the amount paid. Hence, our system can automate the GlowRoad Marketplace Reconciliation with OMS for you. You can now easily connect the GlowRoad report with OMS to reconcile the orders and payments made.

Reports Used for Reconciliation:

GlowRoad All Order Report

All orders placed on GlowRoad are recorded in this report

GlowRoad Sales Report

Details on all fulfilled, cancelled and returned orders and the invoice amount collected from customer is present in this report.

GlowRoad Settlement Report

This report contains information on fees and taxes charged along with final settlement amount

GlowRoad Returns Report

All details on the returned orders, the returned payments and inventory are recorded in this report

Reports from the client’s order management system. (e.g., Increff, Unicommerce, Shopify, etc.).

Details on each order is recorded by your Order Management System is present in this report

GlowRoad Marketplace Reconciliation with OMS Result

GlowRoad – OMS

Our system helps you reconcile the GlowRoad sales report with your OMS report easily. It presents the results in way that you can analyze which orders are made and if payments are received correctly for the same. You can also see exactly how much amount is overpaid or underpaid. This way you do not lose out on any orders that should be paid by GlowRoad.

GlowRoad with OMS Reconciliation

Found and Reconciled with OMS

These are the orders which match in the GlowRoad Sales report and in the OMS report. The net sales amount is also the same for these orders in both reports. So, these orders are said to be reconciled.

Less Amount Recorded in OMS

The net sales recorded in the GlowRoad report is more than the net sale amount recorded on the OMS report.

More Amount Recorded in OMS

On these orders the net sales recorded in GlowRoad report is lesser than the net sale amount recorded in the OMS report.

Cancelled Transactions

These are the orders that were first placed through GlowRoad but then cancelled. These transactions are not present in the OMS report. As these orders are cancelled no payments are expected

OMS – GlowRoad

This time we reconcile the order management system with GlowRoad so that we can double check the orders and payments recorded. This way we will know exactly how much sales were made and if the correct amounts are recorded against the correct orders. You will also be able to see if any sales amounts given are wrong and if so by how much amount.

OMS with GlowRoad Reconciliation

Found and Reconciled with GlowRoad

These orders and their respective amounts also match in the OMS report and in the GlowRoad report.

Less Amount Received from GlowRoad

On these orders the amount recorded in the GlowRoad report is lesser than the amount recorded in the OMS report. It means that the amount received from GlowRoad is lesser than what you were supposed.

More Amount Received from GlowRoad

The amount on these orders is more in the GlowRoad Report than it is in the OMS report. It means that GlowRoad has overpaid you on these orders

Not Found in GlowRoad

These orders are not present in the GlowRoad report; however, they are present in the OMS report. It means that GlowRoad will not make any payments on these orders.

As seen in the findings above, it is conclusive that the software quickly does the GlowRoad marketplace reconciliation with ERP and indicates the precise amount of net sales that are being paid inadequately or more.  For you to double-check the sales made, it fully automates the reconciliation process and does both forward and backward reconciliation. In this manner, you may prevent a loss and request the money you are owed from GlowRoad.

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