Nykaa Reconciliation

Designed for Businesses
Reconcile multiple Amazon reports with each other, OMS, ERP and Bank statement.

Easy to Understand

Easily comprehend results between various systems

Easy Access

Data and output are easily accessible at all times and locations. Determine who has access.

Save Time

Spend less time processing, cleansing, and reconciling data.

Raise Disputes

Simply raise a dispute for improper payments or deductions with Nykaa.


Verify to see that Nykaa is paying you correctly for each transaction and deducting the appropriate fees.


Automate the upload of your data and begin immediate analysis.

Payment Reconciliation

Verify Nykaa sales and settlement reports quickly and easily

Fee Verification

Verify Nykaa Payout reports and make sure the accuracy of the Charges

Bank Reconciliation

Verify Nykaa COD and settlements with Bank statements 

Reconciliation with OMS

Reconcile Nykaa Reports with Order management system (OMS) reports

Reconciliation with ERP

Reconcile Nykaa Reports with ERP sale and credit ledger reports

Start reconciling Nykaa orders with Cointab.

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