Verify all the deposit and withdrawal transactions made by customers on your website and app

Transforming Reconciliation

An easy solution for businesses in the gaming industry, dealing with numerous customers and their transactions for withdrawals and deposits of funds. Verify and keep accurate track of every transaction to avoid losses.

Gaming Processes

Deposit Transactions

Verify your internal transaction report with payment gateway report

Verify settlements in the bank account

View an easy-to-read summarized result

Keep a track of every deposit transaction

Payment Verification

Verify the status of every transaction

Easily identify failed and pending payments

Verify all reversal payment transactions

Readily view the results and download them for any disputes

Bank Account Settlements

Verify every transaction settlement with the bank account

Identify any kind of amount mismatch with the bank settlements

Check all pending payments

Verify all your refund settlements

Withdrawal Transactions

Verify all withdrawal transactions

Identify the status of all the withdrawal transactions

Verify all reversal transactions

Keep track of pending and missing transactions

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