Courier Charges Invoice Verification

Verify Forward, RTO, DTO and COD fees charged by your courier partners in their invoice.

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Verify Your Courier Invoice with our Automated Reconciliation Software

Verify Your Courier Invoice

Verify charges per AWB number

Verify the rate, billing zone and weight applied against each AWB number.

Verify billed weight against SKU weight

Compare billed weight against SKU master weight to see if you are being charged correctly.

Verify billed zone against billing zone master

Compare billed zone per AWB number against billing zone master.

Verify using Courier partner reported weight and zone

Verify the Invoice using weight and billing zone reported by courier partner.

Details of Invoice Verification with various courier partners

Verify your Courier Invoice with our Automated Reconciliation System

Comprehensive Result

The result is easy to understand and analyze. Plus all the necessary information is kept in one place.


Custom reconciliation flows and tracking can be added as per the requirement.


Data is securely saved and treated confidentially. Results can be backed up on client servers and deleted from our systems.


Data can be loaded automatically and reconciliation scheduled, thereby eliminating manual efforts.

Automated Reconciliation Software

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