Amazon Marketplace Reconciliation

Payment Reconciliation

Reconcile Amazon All Order report with B2B/B2C MTR, Disbursement, Return and Reimbursement reports.

Verify payments for dispatched goods
Verify inventory for RTO & Customer Returns
Verify reimbursement for lost, damaged goods
Calculate net income and margin per Order

Fee Verification

Verify Amazon Shipping, Closing, Referral, Pick and Pack, and Technology charges per order.

Verify shipping fee based on SKU weight and shipping zone
Verify referral fee per SKU
Verify closing, pick and pack, technology fees
Identify orders where you have been overcharged and raise disputes with Amazon

Bank Reconciliation

Reconcile Amazon COD and Electronic weekly settlement with Bank statement.

Verify transaction level settlement with consolidated settlement
Verify consolidated Amazon settlements in bank account
Identity pending settlement with ageing

Reconciliation with OMS

Reconcile Amazon reports with Order Management System (OMS) reports.

Verify all Amazon orders in OMS
Identify any Amazon order missing in OMS
Verify Amazon invoice & disbursement amount with OMS order, invoice amount
Reconcile Amazon RTO, customer returns with OMS return reports

Reconciliation with ERP

Reconcile Amazon B2B/B2C MTR reports with ERP sale and credit ledgers.

Verify if all Amazon orders are recorded in ERP
Identify any Amazon order missing in ERP
Verify Amazon RTO, customer returns against ERP credit ledgers
Verify net Amazon invoice amount with net ERP invoice amount

Reconciliation made Easier

Upload data
Analyze result
Resolve internal issues
Raise disputes with Amazon

Designed for Businesses

Reconcile multiple Amazon reports with each other, OMS, ERP and Bank statement.


Verify if Amazon is paying you correctly for each order and deducting correct charges

Save Time

Save time from data handling, cleaning and reconciling

Easy to Understand

Easily understand result between multiple systems

Raise Disputes

Easily raise disputes with Amazon for incorrect payment or deductions

Easy Access

Easy access to the data and output anytime and anywhere. Choose who can get access


Automate your data upload and start analyzing directly

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