Payment Gateway Charges Verification

Verify the fee and tax charged on each order along with the final settlement amount



The final result is shown in the form of tables and graphs which makes it easy to analyze for the company

Easy Customize

The input conditions and business rules can be easily customized to project company needs


The input and export data is a 100% secured and kept confidential

Time Saving

As the reconciliation process carried out is completely automated, data can be reconciled at the click of a button

Verify Your Payment Gateway Charges with Our Automated Reconciliation Software

Verify Your Payment Gateway Charges

It helps easily verify fee charged on each transaction by your payment gateway partner

Configure Rate Card

Multiple Rate cards submitted in any format can be configured to match the formulation and business logic

Easy Configuration
Any Form of Rate Card is accepted
Rate Card per payment mode can be configured

Payment Gateway Charges Verification Process

Verify Fee Charged

Verify Tax Charged

Verify the Settlement Amount

Verify Bank Settlements

Details of Payment Gateway Charges Verification

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