New way to speed up operations in your D2C business

Verify all the transactions made through your website or on a marketplace 

Transforming Reconciliation

Various features are offered by our software to make reconciliation easy for businesses in the D2C industry.

Increase Efficiency

Save time by automating the reconciliation process and integrating it with your daily operations

Rules Engine

Customize the rules engine to match your business structure to get accurate results 


It is easily scalable and made to accept any number of reports, file types etc. It can adapt to any organization regardless of size

Automate Reconciliation

Processes Associated with D2C Businesses

To carry out daily business operations more efficiently and accurately, browse through the reconciliation processes you can integrate with your business 

Marketplace Reconciliation

Payment Gateway Reconciliation

COD Remittance and Courier Invoice Verification

Bank Reconciliation

OMS Reconciliation

ERP Reconciliation​​

Our customers


Reconciliation Of Flipkart Payments

Every day, numerous businesses and companies leverage Flipkart, a prominent e-commerce platform, to market their products, expanding their reach across a vast consumer base. While

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