One of the biggest online markets for children’s clothing is called Hopscotch. Anyone wishing to purchase clothing, accessories, or gifts for kids should definitely consider it. Customers purchasing items from Hopscotch guarantees high-quality goods and avails returns in the event of defective products. Hopscotch streamlines the consumer experience; everything is first-rate and top-notch, from placing an order to processing payments to getting deliveries. A large consumer base is attracted by having such outstanding services. This turns into a perk for the vendor using Hopscotch. Growth is the best-case scenario for any firm because it indicates an expanding reach. The number of transactions a seller must handle is enormous because of the wide client reach. This indicates that while the vendor is undoubtedly selling more things, he or she must also maintain detailed records of each product sold. This is an extremely challenging task, and failure to complete it properly could result in significant losses for the company. Cointab has created a solution for such a situation using its automated reconciliation software. Following basic configuration, the software may automatically load data through SFTP, email, and API. For a firm, this saves a lot of time. The software then examines each detail, cleans the data, regardless of the format in which it is stored, and provides a result, making it simple for a firm to study each detail. The automated reconciliation software performs seamless Hopscotch Fee Verification and assists sellers in understanding all of their transactions with Hopscotch and keeping track of all transaction amounts. This information enables sellers to identify potential areas for cost savings or loss recovery.

Reports needed for reconciliation

Hopscotch Order Report

All the transaction invoice details between the seller and the marketplace are recorded in this report.

Hopscotch Payment Report

In this report, all the sales transactions along with the payments done via the Hopscotch marketplace are recorded.

Hopscotch debit note Report

In case an order is returned or canceled the details of each such order are present in this report.

Fee Verification

The rates used to determine the item price and the parameter from each item’s SKU master are utilized by the software to determine the commission charge for fee verification. The computer splits the amounts after comparing the calculated fees with the Hopscotch fees. Given how it is organized and condensed, the result is simple to analyze.

The result is displayed as follows:

Correctly Charged Fee

The output displays the total number of orders as well as the accurate order total.

Overcharged Fee

The number of orders and the total amount that was overcharged are then displayed in the output. This indicates that the computed fee is less than what Hopscotch charges.

Undercharged Fee

Orders which were undercharged are displayed here. When the calculated fee is greater than the fee set by Hopscotch.

We can observe how Hopscotch Fee Verification is carried out from the results above. The software automates the data load and accepts custom input data which makes it easier for a seller to conduct reconciliation. A seller only needs to wait for an easy-to-read report for seamless analysis because the software handles all the work. Using this software to reconcile can help a seller save a lot of time and ensure that all decisions are made after careful consideration of reliable data. This will open up the possibility for rapid and precise data-driven decisions and ensure that the company can grow without encountering any unforeseen dangers or obstacles.

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