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Email : work-data-analyst-1@cointab.in

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Job Description

We are a rapidly growing SaaS Software Company looking for a Data Analyst who can create analytical reconciliation models, reports and MIS on financial data using our own web-based SaaS software for data analysis.

As part of the Data Analysis team, your work will include but shall not be limited to:
● Analyze multiple data set to find logic within them, find correlations
● Write logic to clean, transform, enrich data
● Write logic to join the data
● Write complicated calculation logic
● Identify & classify right & wrong scenarios, patterns in data
● Create financial reconciliation models
● Create reports, MIS

We have created our own web-based SaaS software (similar to SQL / R / SAS / Excel) for performing analysis on any financial data set, hence you’ll be using it to help our clients discover insights in their financial data.

Desired Candidate Profile

● Proven work experience of creating reports, MIS, analytical models, reconciliation, etc. using any software or programming language
● You should have a keen interest in studying data
● You are open to learning new technologies and frameworks because with Cointab you’ll be working on our in-house built software framework
● You should have good communication skills to interact with clients and understand their requirements
● You should have the ability to test your own logic and make suitable corrections to get it right
● You should be able to explain your work clearly and concisely

Doesn’t matter. If you can solve our challenge mentioned below, you are more than welcome

Number of Years of Experience
Doesn’t matter. If you can solve our challenge mentioned below, you are more than welcome

Selection Process:

Step 1: If the job description interests you, please try to solve the challenge mentioned in the below document

Note: The assignment needs to be completed in any of the programming languages (Python, C++, R, JAVA, etc.)

Step 2: Submit your answer to the challenge on the email ID mentioned in the challenge document

Step 3: Well review the work and result. If found correct, well schedule a video interview via Google Meet

Step 4: Well take a 30 to 60 minute video interview

Step 5: After the interview, if we think you’ll be able to do the work as per this job description, well confirm it with you

Step 6: If you are keen to join us, you can accept the offer and join as soon as you can! It is a full-time work-from-office role from our office in Malad West, Mumbai (near Infinity Mall on Link Road)

If it interests you send an email to work-data-analyst-1-v1@cointab.in

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