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Email: work-node-1@cointab.in

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Job Description

You would be building a web-based software which helps some of the largest companies in India to reconcile their financial data and prepare MIS, reports, etc.

As part of the Software Engineering team, your work will include:
● Creation of front-end and back-end of the software using Node.js and AngularJS web framework
● Creation/Consumption of APIs
● Creation/Maintaining of MySQL databases
● Building user-friendly UX and UI
● Building automated testing scripts
● Managing Git repositories
● Deployment and maintenance of codebase across a large server farm
● Optimizing the code for stability and performance

We are using Node.js as our programming language so you should be open to learning and adopting it to build our software.

Desired Candidate Profile
You should have a good understanding of the programming concepts and excellent logical thought process. You should also have the ability to understand difficult business problems and build useful solutions. Prior experience should include building websites and softwares (client-side and server-side logic creation) in Node.js programming language, APIs and databases.

Does not matter. If you can solve our challenge , you are more than welcome

Number of Years of Experience
Does not matter. If you can solve our challenge , you are more than welcome

Selection Process

Step 1: If the job description interests you, please try to solve the challenge mentioned in the below document

Note: Assignment needs to be completed in Node.js


Step 2: Submit your answer to the challenge on the email ID mentioned in the challenge document

Step 3: We will review the work and schedule a video interview via Google Meet if it is as per our expectations

Step 4: We will take a 30 to 60 minute video interview

Step 5: After the interview, if we think you will be able to do the work as per this job description, we will confirm it with you

Step 6: If you are keen to join us, you can accept the offer and join as soon as you can! It is a full-time work-from-office role from our office in Malad West, Mumbai (near Infinity Mall on Link Road)

If you are interested send an email to work-node-1@cointab.in

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