Reconciliation is of utmost importance for a company using eCommerce services. An organization won’t be able to sustain and expand if it cannot determine the status of orders, their destination, and the accuracy of payments received. Cointab makes this crucial process accurate and simpler. By comparing the Jiomart Report and OMS System reports, it confirms the sums and data. A client can easily review the findings after reconciliation to spot any discrepancies.

Reports Needed for reconciliation

  • Jiomart invoice report
  • Jiomart Service invoice report
  • Jiomart Disbursement report
  • Jiomart Return report
  • Reports from the client’s OMS (e.g., Increff, Unicommerce, Easy Ecom.).

The outcome is given in a summarized way on a dashboard after the reports are gathered and the reconciliation is finished, which facilitates analysis.

Jiomart Reconciliation – OMS

The System reviews each piece of information that has been entered into the client’s OMS (OMS) and compares it with the Jiomart Invoice report. The orders are then categorized and highlighted as follows:

  • Reconciled Orders
    • The orders in which the amounts match up.
  • Less amount recorded in OMS
    • Orders where the OMS amount is less than the Jiomart Order report amount.
  • More amount recorded in OMS
    • The OMS report recorded a greater amount than the Jiomart Order report.

OMS – Jiomart Reconciliation

The System verifies each piece of information contained in Jiomart reports and contrasts it with the client’s OMS. The orders are then distinguished and highlighted as follows:

  • Reconciled with Jiomart
    • Orders where the amounts in the Jiomart report equal the amounts in the OMS reports.
  • Less amount recorded in Jiomart
    • When the order amounts in the Jiomart Report are recorded less than the amounts in the OMS report.
  • More amount recorded in Jiomart
    • Orders for which the Jiomart Report amount exceeds the OMS report amount.
  • Not Recorded in Jiomart
    • The number of orders that are present in the OMS system but not recorded in the Jiomart reports.

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