The Dineout site/app is a new way to reserve tables at a restaurant. You can book tables and pay your bill on the app itself. Many people are starting to use Dineout as you get many discounts and rewards on the app for booking a table through it. Recently Dineout has also started offering a subscription for dining in different cities applicable for 3 months. This comes in handy for frequent travelers. Restaurants too can benefit from putting up their restaurant on Dineout as a lot more people find out about the restaurant which leads to an increase in the number of customers.

However, it is extremely challenging for stores to monitor every payment processed through Dineout. It is possible that some transactions are not completed on Dineout or a wrong amount is paid on certain orders. Overtime, this amount accumulates and leads to a huge loss. Hence it is important to verify and check all transactions made through Dineout

Our software is useful in this situation since it facilitates the automation of the Reconciliation of Dineout Transactions process. It links the POS and settlement reports with the Dineout transaction report and then cleans the data loaded. The software lets you apply logic and business rules as per your requirement to transform the data. Then the output is presented in an easy to analyse format where you can select columns for specific time periods.

Reports Required for Reconciliation

Dineout Report

This report details every transaction made at the physical store using Dineout.

Bank Report

All the payments made by Dineout are shown in the bank statement.

Dineout – Bank Reconciliation

The software links the Dineout report with the Bank statement to check all the payments made by Dineout to your bank account. Dineout with Bank Reconciliation helps you know which payments are still not made so that you can claim that amount from Dineout.

Found in Bank Statement:

These are orders for which payments are made to your bank account by Dineout.

Not Found in Bank Statement:

Shown here are the orders for which payments are not present in your bank account.

Bank – Dineout Reconciliation

The software this time links the bank statement to Dineout and conducts a comparison from the bank end. It shows you which payments have been received and which are still pending to be received. Plus, it shows how much is overpaid or underpaid by Dineout.

Total Dineout Transactions

This shows the total number of transactions made by Dineout that appear in the bank statement.

Reconciled Dineout Amount

These are the transactions that are present in the Dineout report and in the bank statement. The amount also matches in both reports, so these transactions are said to be reconciled.

Less Amount Received From Dineout

Shown here are the orders for which a lesser amount is recorded in the Dineout report than the bank statement. So, it means that you have been paid a lesser amount than you were supposed to for these orders.

More Amount Received From Dineout

On these orders, the amount recorded in the Dineout report is more than the amount recorded in the bank statement.

Dineout Transactions not found in the settlement report

These are the transactions made by Dineout to your bank account but not present in the settlement report

From the result shown above, you can see how the software easily automates the Reconciliation of Dineout Transactions. You can automatically load data via integrated API to our system without any extra manual effort. Our software accepts various file formats such as CSV, XLXS, PDF etc. Our software then links the data and cleans it using custom logic formulations and business rules. Then the results are displayed by the software in an easy to analyse manner. The results can be viewed for specific time periods with specific columns by applying filters. You can navigate through the software and view the results as everything is available in one place on the universal dashboard. Using our reconciliation results, you can avoid missing any payments by Dineout and claim the amount in case of underpayment.


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