Streamlining Meesho Fee Reconciliation with Cointab

Streamlining Meesho Fee Reconciliation with Cointab

Meesho is a one-stop shop for a massive selection of products, especially women’s fashion. It’s rapidly becoming a favorite online destination. Not only can you buy there, but sellers can also list their items to expand their reach. Managing a high volume of sales on Meesho can lead to challenges in accurately reconciling platform fees.

Cointab’s Automated Software is your Ultimate Solution 

Cointab’s automated reconciliation system tackles this challenge by streamlining the Meesho fee verification process for businesses, ensuring transparency and efficiency in cost management. This one-stop solution automates fee verification for every Meesho transaction, eliminating manual calculations and enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, it provides granular insights into potential fee undercharges or overcharges, allowing businesses to proactively optimize their profit margins.  Our scalable system is built to handle high-volume sales environments, ensuring seamless verification as your Meesho business grows. By leveraging this comprehensive solution, businesses can free up valuable resources, gain a clear understanding of their fee structure, and make informed decisions that contribute to improved profitability.

Reports used for Reconciliation

  1. Meesho Order Report: This report provides a comprehensive overview of all orders placed on the platform, including details like product information, order value, and customer details.
  2. Meesho Payment Report: This report focuses on the financial aspect of each order, specifically detailing the fees Meesho deducts for its services.

Meesho fee verification result

Achieving Fee Accuracy:

Our system employs a dynamic rate card that adapts to Meesho’s commission structure. This structure assigns varying commission rates based on the product category of each order. This ensures precise fee calculations tailored to each transaction. Following the calculation, the system meticulously compares the calculated fee amount to the actual fee charged by Meesho on the invoice. This meticulous comparison allows for the identification of potential discrepancies:

  1. Correct Fees: Orders where the calculated fee perfectly aligns with the invoice amount, signifying accurate charges.
  2. Overcharged Fees: Orders where the calculated fee is lower than the invoice amount, highlighting potential instances of overpayment. By promptly addressing these discrepancies, you can recover any excess fees incurred.
  3. Undercharged Fees: Orders where the calculated fee is higher than the invoice amount, indicating potential underpayments. This information empowers you to proactively rectify any underpayments and ensure Meesho receives the appropriate fees.

Optimize your reconciliation process with Cointab

Our software leverages automation to achieve a streamlined and comprehensive Meesho fee verification process. It eliminates the need for manual calculations, employing a dynamic rate card that reflects Meesho’s commission structure. This facilitates meticulous fee comparisons for each order, enabling the identification of potential discrepancies, such as overcharges or underpayments. Consequently, this solution translates into significant time savings, enhanced accuracy in fee management, and ultimately, the maximization of profitability within the Meesho platform.

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