Paytm offers various loyalty promo coupons to every user in addition to the occasional cashback offers. You will get greater cashback offers the more payments you make on Paytm. The offers and coupons can be used at different stores based on the type of coupon. When a customer avails of this coupon Paytm deals does the payment of the amount of the voucher to the store. This can help merchants direct traffic to their stores. This often is done with various tie-ups or discounts to Paytm deals from the merchant to avail their stores in the vouchers. When merchants have such coupons to customers often with some amount of discount it is necessary to keep a track of the payments being received. To do this easily and accurately reconciliation is required. Our software does reconciliation of Paytm deals transactions easily. It has a feature to automate the data loading and once reconciliation is run it cleans the data and extracts it for easy reconciliation. The outputs are very easy to analyze and can be exported in any format to raise disputes if any.

Reports needed for reconciliation

Paytm Deals Reports
Paytm deals reports consist of all the details for transactions done using Paytm deals. It also contains the UTR id for each order.

Bank Statement
The bank statement consists of all the credit and debit transactions in the bank account.

Paytm deals – bank reconciliation
The software Links the two reports using the UTR id as a common identifier. This helps verify the payments for each order done using Paytm deals. It shows all the payments received and whether or not the payment is received in the bank.

Total transactions
The total number of transactions using Paytm deals is recorded in this bucket.

Found in Bank
Transactions where the payment was done using Paytm deals, the same transactions were found in the bank statement.

Not Found in Bank
These transactions were not found in the bank statement but were found in the Paytm deals reports.

Bank – Paytm deals reconciliation

Total Transactions
The total number of transactions in the bank statement

Paytm Deals Amount Reconciled with Bank
Transactions where the amount in the bank statement equals the amount in the Paytm deal reports.

Less payment received in bank
When the transaction amount recorded in the bank statement is less than what is recorded in the Paytm deal report.

More payment received in bank
The bank statement recorded a higher amount than the amount recorded in the Paytm deal report.

The above results show how easily the reconciliation of Paytm deals transactions is done by the software. The software automates the whole process, from the data loading which can be in any format (XLSX, PDF, ETC.). The results produced as shown above are very easy to read and the bucket names can be tailor-made. The results can also be exported in any format and to any system whenever needed. These features make the reconciliation process much easier. Merchants can easily get their data reconciled and verified and can easily analyze the results while saving time and avoiding losses.

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